Case Studies

Virtual Organization Leadership Case Studies

We assemble an interdisciplinary Working Group of 12 members to conduct virtual organization leadership case studies on a select number of Global 5000 companies and Governments; in order to address, from a Virtual Organization Leadership standpoint, complex instances of “what is happening and why” in a client’s organization.

Virtual Organization Infrastructure Development and Management Solutions recommendations – and implementation assistance – are then provided in order to complete the circle.

The working group’s mandate is carried out over a period of 12 months and published in 2 versions: (1) unclassified: an edited version of the results of the group’s learning, experience, and valuable insights are made available online to VOMI members and stakeholders; and (2) classified: complete and confidential results of the group’s findings are made available strictly to the client and members of the working group.

Case Study Fee

USD $1.5MM :: Terms: Due and payable in full immediately upon execution of Case Study Agreement.


In addition to the US dollar, we accept any of the following currencies or commodities: Russian ruble (₽) ::: Chinese yuan (CN¥) ::: Japanese yen (JP¥) ::: Swiss franc (CHF) ::: South African rand (ZAR) ::: European Euro () ::: Pound sterling (£) ::: Singapore dollar (S$) ::: Kuwaiti dinar (KD) ::: Cayman Islands dollar (KYD) ::: Haitian gourde (G) ::: Mexican peso (Mex$) ::: Gold ::: Silver ::: Platinum ::: Palladium ::: Diamond.   (The League may also consider other currencies and payment methods in the near or distant future.)

For details, review the following article: Widening the Scope of Human Evolution Opportunities for Mankind

Working Group Composition

The 12-member Working Group includes:

  • 4 members selected from Case Study Client Organization
  • Postdoctoral Virtual Organization Fellows
  • VOMI Research Sabbatical Members (Mid-career Faculty of a university on paid sabbatical leave at VOMI)
  • VOMI Global Think Tank Members (Think Tank Research members:: a diversified group of Research Fellows)
  • Plus 1 VOMI Faculty Member serving as Working Group Advisor

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Working Group Member  |   Selection Criteria

Admission to a Working Group is subject to broad consideration which addresses the needs of all parties for:

  • privacy;
  • disclosure of conflicts of interest;
  • security considerations;
  • intellectual property safeguards; and
  • commonality of purpose and shared interests.

Minimum working group member admission requirements are as follows:

  • Interview with the Working Group Advisor or Working Group Selection Committee for consideration and approval.
  • Each working group member of the Case Study Client Organization must be available on a full-time basis and will report directly to the VOMI faculty member (Working Group Advisor) during the entire case study 12-month period.
  • A time commitment of 12 months is also required of all other working group members.
  • For Research Sabbatical faculty members only:   Approval letter from the university human resources department, affirming eligibility of faculty member for paid sabbatical leave, and giving date of final approval.
  • Strong presentation and proposal writing skills.
  • Must have excellent verbal communication skills.
  • Depending on a country’s geographic location and internet infrastructure, certain international (non-USA) members may be required to be present in the United States or some other Western nation in order to participate.

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Working Group Members Receive

  • A priceless introduction to bona fide virtual organizations, virtual organization leadership, and The New Virtual Organization World from the world’s leading and only authority on virtual organizations and the virtual organization management discipline.
  • A unique virtual organization leadership executive experience.
  • Knowledge of world-class, state-of-the-art, virtual organization management evaluation techniques.
  • Access to the world’s leading and only global network of industry executives and professionals, academics and research team engaged in all aspects of the virtual organization management discipline.
  • Develop strong bonds with fellow colleagues in the virtual organization management industry and virtual organization leadership field during the 12-month period that will last a lifetime.
  • Membership in a very small, elite and global society of virtual organization leadership executives.
  • Career Enhancement and Organization Transformation knowledge that will have a direct effect on your career and organization’s bottom line.

Virtual Organization Leadership Case Study Companies Receive:

  • A comprehensive, independent assessment and evaluation of their existing virtual organization infrastructure.
  • Application of world-class, state-of-the-art, virtual organization leadership and management evaluation techniques.
  • Specific recommendations for making the transition from Virtual Chaos or Instability to Virtual Organization Management and Virtual Organization Leadership; and how to accelerate the company’s virtual organization growth and evolution.
  • Expert guidance on development of a “bona fide” virtual organization blueprint; experiential training, mentoring, and professional consultation on virtual organization implementation over a 12-month period.
  • Access to the founder of VOMI and VOMI’s exclusive network of academics, scholars, and global think tank researchers conducting research on virtual organizations and the virtual organization management discipline.
  • Constructive feedback from working group members.

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Virtual Organization Leadership Case Study Organization Profile

  • A Global 5000 company or Equivalent Enterprise Level organization or Government Branch and Department.
  • Has a sizable part-time and/or full-time telecommuting, remote or virtual workforce;
  • Makes frequent use of remote employees, remote teams, global teams, distributed teams, and virtual teams;
  • Has made relatively modest investments in web-based collaboration tools and a virtual infrastructure;
  • Currently experiencing virtual or virtual organization leadership challenges, or seeks assistance in managing a remote or virtual workforce;
  • Seeks to develop enterprise-wide best-next practices, policies, and procedures for operating in either a remote workforce, virtual or 100% virtual organization environment;
  • And wants to gain instant exposure to the practical application of the modern virtual organization management discipline.

Case Study Client Company Selection Process in Chronological Order

  1. Request for Additional Insights Into Case Study.    Submit your Virtual Organization Leadership Case Study Insights application for review and immediate consideration.
  2. Case Study Client Consideration Videoconference.    Upon receipt of your request, your organization or government will receive detailed instructions on how to schedule an On Demand Videoconference with the Founder of VOMI in order to gain a thorough understanding of your organization or government’s virtual organization challenges; to go over all aspects of the Case Study Program as well as specific rules of engagement; and Case Study Client approval consideration.
  3. Notification of Preliminary Case Study Client Approval.    Upon successful conclusion of case study client approval consideration, your organization or government will receive notification of preliminary case study client approval along with a Case Study Agreement with detailed instructions on how to proceed.
  4. Execution of Case Study Agreement.  Execution of the Case Study Agreement is due within 30 days of receipt. The Case Study Fee is also due and payable immediately upon execution of the agreement.
  5. Formal Approval of Case Study.    Upon successful completion of all case study client approval consideration matters, VOMI will send your organization or government a formal Case Study Client Approval notice along with detailed information on how to proceed.

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Virtual Organization Leadership Case Study Application

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