A brief, evolving and continuing timeline of significant events at Virtual Organization Management Institute effective its official transformation to VOM Institute on Tuesday, February 22, 2022 (2.22.22).

Building the Foundation of a New Global Civilization of Intelligent Beings based on a World of Virtual Organizations, Principled Geopolitical Leadership and Political Evolution :::: A new civilization which will allow us all – all of mankind – to further embark on the road to Human Evolution.

9/18/22. We are all witnessing and participating in the most significant event of the 21st century and in the entire history of mankind: The transition from a so-called The Free World governed by a “rules-based international order” to The Fair World. For more info, review the 9/18/22 article by Pierre Coupet ::::: Epic Struggle Between “The Free World” and “The Fair World”

2/22/22. The founder of VOM Institute and the virtual organization management discipline has made a conscious decision to step aside and pass the baton of the virtual organization management discipline to a new generation of idealists, reimagineers, human evolutionaries, political evolutionaries, principled geopolitical leaders as well as prospective evangelists, stakeholders, caretakers, and successors within the next 5-10 (five to ten) years. In the interim, his focus will be on identifying those who are ideally suited to carry the mantle of the discipline and live up to our creed.