VOM Institute Education Highlights

Virtual Organization Management Institute (VOM Institute) is NOT an accredited and traditional educational institution. Nor do we care to be. Nor do we want to be. Our virtual organization management and leadership education program is an alternative full-time 2-Year Master Designation program that is primarily oriented toward recent high school and secondary school graduates – and independent students – between the ages of 18-26 who have no interest in pursuing their studies at a traditional and accredited educational institution.

As such, we offer up to 100% financing to every single student who seeks – and is eligible – to participate in our program.

virtual organization Education Overview

  • Virtual Organization Management Is A “Must-Know” Discipline for every single individual and every single member of every organization in the world.
  • The Virtual Organization Management Curriculum has evolved over the years in order to adapt to the rapid and transformational changes in our way of life that Technological Innovation has fostered upon our entire civilization.
  • Who Should Attend VOM Institute
    • Graduating High School and Secondary School Students and Independent Students between the ages of 18-26;
    • who have no interest in pursuing their studies at a traditional and accredited educational institution;
    • whose annual family income falls between USD $ 0 – $100K;
    • and who seek a full 2-year scholarship to attend one of our designation programs on a full-time basis.

Designation Programs

We offer the following 2-Year Designation Programs worldwide to recent high school graduates and independent students between the ages of 18-26 who plan to be full-time students:

Waiting List for Updated Information. Click here to request to be placed on the waiting list for updated information and the latest developments throughout the year whenever such information becomes available.


All you need to know about attending Virtual Organization Management Institute is included in the following menu:

Financial Aid

Our financial aid program includes full scholarships to recent high school or secondary school graduates and independent full-time students :::: not to professionals and executives :::: between the ages of 18-26. Review the following menu for more information:

  • Overview of Financial Aid. All you need to know to begin the process.
  • Financial Aid Highlights. Gain a deeper understanding of the financial aid program.
  • Program Fees. Tuition information for all master designation programs.
  • Scholarships. List of scholarships available to all students who meet the requirements.
  • Private Loans. Private loans directly provided by VOM Institute to cover up to 100% cost of tuition.
  • Loan Forgiveness. Loan forgiveness programs which cover up to 100% of loan amount.
  • Applying for Financial Aid. When appropriate, you will be directed to an online application to submit a request to create a financial aid account online on our secure VOM Institute Financial Aid Center.


We offer year-round virtual organization leadership internships to ALL college and university students worldwide.

Review the following:

  • List of VOM Institute Internships. A comprehensive list of all virtual organization leadership internships.

Feature Internships

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