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Virtual Organization Management Is a “Must-Know” Discipline

Virtual Organization Management is NOT just another extension of HR, Human Capital, Organizational Management or Change Management and it is NOT designed to replace or make obsolete any existing discipline you have already heavily invested in. Also, it is NOT another Remote Worker, Virtual Team or Virtual Management training program.

Instead, it is a set of highly advanced and sophisticated, best-next practices, policies and procedures for operating in either a “virtual” or “virtual organization” environment and for managing a 100% virtual organization; developed and refined over more than two decades; whose foundation is based on the “principled leadership” and “principled geopolitical leadership” concepts articulated by the founder of the discipline over the years.

It is the philosophical foundation and underpinning of each and every single virtual organization; and the catalyst for an explosion of virtual organizations around the world and the dawn of The New Virtual Organization World: A Principled and Civilized World of Intelligent Beings, It’s Virtual, and It’s Organized.

Virtual Organization Management is designed to complement ANY existing discipline and is a STARGATE that allows anyone in the brick and mortar world to seamlessly make the leap from ANTIQUITY (the current primitive, barbaric and savage world that we live in) to The New Virtual Organization World :: The only viable platform for Human Evolution.

VOMI Curriculum

Our curriculum has evolved over the years in order to adapt to the rapid and transformational changes in our way of life that Technological Innovation has fostered upon our entire civilization. It is no longer just about training corporate executives and students on the Business Organization of today and how to cope with the rapid Virtualization of the Workspace and Virtualization of the Workforce. Our experience has shown, and the proof is out there in plain sight for all to see, that there is more to life than just being able to drive Productivity, Cost-Effectiveness and Growth for businesses – in order to improve their bottom line. The philosophical questions we have before us are:

  • Besides the organizations or institutions we serve, who else benefits? I guess everyone should know by now that “trickle-down economics” is a deeply flawed assumption and is, at best, a very naive and laughable proposition. Our analysis has shown that no one really benefits in the long run when the focus is strictly or primarily on the “financial bottom line.”
  • Thus, we came face-to-face with this other question: With respect to sharing our knowledge with the world, are there any ethical considerations we should be concerned with? The answer is clearly “yes.” We are dispensing virtual organization architecture, development and management knowledge which can be used effectively, in stealth mode and with stunning or even lethal accuracy, by any individual, organization or institution – regardless of their motives or leanings – Good, Bad, Evil or Indifferent.
  • Therefore, we have a responsibility to ensure that the dispensation of such knowledge includes its universal “a priori” ethical components.  A Priori Ethics which transcend geography, nationality, race, ethnic group, gender, religion, culture, and social status and which must be used as a force for good. This quest then led us to also include “Principled Leadership” in our curriculum. And since we could not dismiss the fact that Politics and Business are so intertwined that they are indistinguishable from the Head or Tail of a Snake, we then had no choice but to also include “Principled Geopolitical Leadership” in our curriculum.
  • It is this natural progression of things, ideas, events and realizations which ultimately led us to the point where we are today, which is: Why not utilize our knowledge in order to make the world a better place? A Principled and Civilized World instead of just teaching others how to do more efficiently in a virtual organization environment whatever it is that they are now doing – and we are positive you know exactly what we mean by that. To wit, facilitating the transfer of all the ills, depravities, injustices, mayhem, horrors and practices of ANTIQUITY to a virtual organization environment.

Thus, this ability to ORGANIZE and LEAD in a “Virtual Organization” environment on a very massive scale can indeed be a very tempting proposition and just too good of an opportunity to pass up for quite a number of benign to nefarious individuals, businesses, organizations, institutions, intelligence agencies, and governments around the globe.

In fact, this very second as you read this, they are ALL busily, happily and mightily plying their wares and trade on the internet, albeit in a “Virtual” environment since they are mostly or completely clueless when it comes to operating in a “Virtual Organization” environment – and, frankly, they don’t even know the difference between the two of them.

The point being, they (i.e., every single one of them) have already demonstrated through their own deeds and actions over the past two decades that they cannot be trusted to make judicious use of any sort of power; and that it is in our nature to concentrate and abuse power. More knowledge and technology only makes it that much easier for us to accomplish whatever it is that we relish, but on a much greater scale. Sad but true!

Thus the reason for the evolution of Our Curriculum, the Virtual Organization Management discipline itself, Virtual Organization Management Institute, Our Leadership Team, Our Practices, Our Reach Out Strategy; as well as the Reimagineering of Our Vision and Mission and our embrace of the HUMAN EVOLUTION cause.

Who Should Attend VOMI

Graduating Secondary School Students. Independent Students. Career Transition Professionals (currently unemployed and seeking to make a career change). As long as they subscribe to the Reimagineering of Our Vision and Mission :: the emergence of this world of virtual organizations we call The New Virtual Organization World: It’s a Principled and Civilized World, It’s Virtual, and It’s Organized :: and the embrace of the HUMAN EVOLUTION cause.

Enrollment Guarantee for Secondary School Graduates and Independent Students

  • VOMI has a need-blind candidate selection process. This means that VOMI does not take into consideration your financial situation–nor is VOMI aware of your financial situation–when you apply for admission.
  • VOMI is also a full-need educational institute. Once admitted, students (excluding professionals) have access to financial aid through scholarships and student loans provided directly by VOMI to cover the full cost of the tuition plus up to US $5,000 in cash grants based on needs. VOMI has allocated a total of USD $5 million each and every year for such financial aid.

VOMI Master Designation Programs

We offer the following virtual organization management and virtual organization recruitment master designation programs for graduating secondary school and independent students:

VOM Master Designation Programs

  • Master Virtual Organization Management Trainer (Master VOM Trainer – MVOMT™)
  • Chief Virtual Organization Architect (CVOA™)

VOR Master Designation Programs

  • Master Virtual Organization Recruitment Trainer (Master VOR Trainer – MVORT™)

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