Internal Providers License

Internal providers license Overview

Virtual Organization Management Institute (VOM Institute) offers to Enterprise Level Organizations of over 25,000 employees, Other Major Global Institutions and Governments around the globe an annual license to offer the (90-DAY) Virtual Organization Leadership Executive Training, Assessment and Certification solution to their internal staff.

There is no other provider of such solution anywhere in the world.

Internal Providers License Features and Benefits

  • Virtual Organization Leadership Executive Training, Assessment and Certification to a total of 1000 mid-to-senior level corporate managers and executives per year.
  • All virtual organization leadership training, assessment and certification is officially conducted by our partners VOMI Virtual Organization Academy and Virtual Organization Leadership over a 90-calendar-day period.
  • All successful candidates are formally awarded the Virtual Organization Leadership Executive Training, Assessment and Certification document by our partner VOMI Virtual Organization Academy and, depending on performance, the Virtual Organization Leadership Executive Award.
  • In addition, all recipients of the Virtual Organization Leadership Executive Award by VOMI Virtual Organization Academy are awarded by Virtual Organization Leadership the official Virtual Organization Leadership Executive designation.
  • Unused certifications during any one fiscal year period are automatically rolled over to the next fiscal year.
  • Any certifications in excess of the annual allotment of 1000 employees during any fiscal year will be billed at our standard certification fee of USD $15,000 per candidate.

Annual License Fee:  USD $15 Million :: This special offer is subject to expiration without notice.

Licensing Requirements in Chronological Order

  1. Obtain a Deep Insight Into Virtual Organizations.   Go to Virtual Organization Advisors and submit your request for a deep insight into virtual organizations and virtual organization leadership. It is an opportunity for key members of your Executive Leadership Team to learn the difference between a Virtual Organization, virtual team, virtual workforce, globally-distributed virtual workforce, Remote Workforce, and hybrid workforce. Thus, you will all be in a position to clearly and fully grasp the benefits and significance of this license to your organization. Obtaining a license is too important a financial and business decision to make on a whim or based on hype, smoke and mirrors.
  2. Request On Demand Videoconference for Additional Insights.   Upon completion of Step 1, proceed to submit your Request for Additional Insights for immediate consideration.
  3. Schedule On Demand Videoconference.   Upon completion of Step 2, and subject to receipt of your request, you will be provided with detailed instructions on how to schedule an On Demand Videoconference with the Founder of VOMI in order to go over all aspects of the License Program; specific rules of engagement; and license approval consideration.
  4. Preliminary License Approval Notification.   Upon completion of Step 3 :: the successful conclusion of the videoconference :: and our completion of license approval consideration, your organization or government will receive notification of preliminary license approval subject to meeting all licensing requirements along with details on how to proceed.
  5. Grant of License.   Upon completion of Step 4 :: meeting all licensing requirements and the execution of the license agreement, and the immediate receipt of the entire license fee within the time prescribed :: VOM Institute will grant your organization a 1-year license along with program enrollment instructions for each individual Virtual Organization Leadership Executive Candidate.

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