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Application Dates for all Master designation programs

List of VOMI Master Designation Programs

  • CVOA™ (Chief Virtual Organization Architect)
  • MVOMT™ (Master Virtual Organization Management Trainer)
  • MVORT™ (Master Virtual Organization Recruitment Trainer)

Application Deadline Date: July 31st of every year by 5 pm PST USA

Notification Date of Admissions Board Decision: No later than August 15 by 5 pm PST USA

Best Time to Apply

All applicants are encouraged to apply as early as possible since we expect to receive many applications for a limited number of available seats. As well, this should give candidates more time to address the following potential issues:

  • VOMI has a first-come, first-serve policy for all applicants, subject to meeting our admission criteria and requirements.
  • International candidates from certain underdeveloped and emerging countries which lack the necessary environment and technological-web infrastructure may be required to conduct their training in the US or some other Western country. Therefore, the timing of their visa application and their ability to secure housing in the US or other Western country are two critical factors in that equation.
  • International candidates from non-English speaking countries may need additional time to meet our English proficiency requirements.
  • All scholarships are awarded during the fall. Only admitted students are eligible for these scholarships.
  • Since application for financial aid is available only to students who are admitted, the sooner the application for admission, the more time candidates will have to prepare their financial aid application.

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