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Virtual Organization Management Institute (VOM Institute) also offers financial aid to all virtual organization leadership students in the form of no-interest private loans with a predefined repayment schedule. All loans are interest-free while in school. The maximum loan amount per student is USD $24,000.

Although eligibility for a student loan is dependent upon a satisfactory credit history, candidates with a less than satisfactory credit history or those facing extreme hardships will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis, taking into account extenuating circumstances.

Please note that if you advise us during the application for admission process that you intend to work – or will continue to work – on a full-time basis during any period of your enrollment at VOM Institute, you will automatically become ineligible for admission at, or the receipt of any sort of financial aid from, VOM Institute.

Types of Loans Available

There are two types of loans available:

For US citizens and permanent residents based in the US:

  • VOMI Standard Student Loan
    The maximum loan amount per student is $24,000. The loan is interest-free while in school. Repayment begins within 90 days of program completion. If employed by VOM Institute upon completion of program and during the repayment term, a 20% discount will be applied to each monthly installment payment.

For International Students:

  • VOMI Goodwill Student Loan
    The maximum loan amount per student is $24,000. The loan is interest-free while in school. After school, repayment begins within 90 days of program completion.

Special Loan Repayment Program for ALL VOM Institute Students

Master Designation Program students who, upon completion of their program, accept permanent full-time employment at VOM Institute as a Master Virtual Organization Management Trainer for a minimum 2-year term :: if such a position was offered at the end of their program :: will receive a retroactive 20% discount off the entire loan amount during their term of employment at VOM Institute.

After 6 months of consecutive employment and based on performance, VOM Institute reserves the right :: however does not have an obligation :: to cancel either part or the full amount of the student loan.

However, if VOM Institute does not extend an offer of employment, then no adjustment will be made to the original terms of the loan.

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