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Admissions & Financial Aid


Admission to VOMI

Welcome to Virtual Organization Management Institute, the world’s leading and only global virtual organization leadership educational institute solely focused on the modern virtual organization management discipline pioneered by its founder since 1997. Your timing is very auspicious. We are currently in the midst of a Huge Explosion and Tidal Wave of Interest from ALL Leading Enterprises, Organizations, Institutions and GOVERNMENTS from all over the globe to Learn How to Lead Bona Fide Virtual Organizationswhich means that, within the next couple of decades, the demand for Virtual Organization Leaders and Virtual Organization Leadership Executives will soar to unprecedented heights.

This also means that, sooner or later, just about every single one of us will have no choice but to learn how to organize, manage – AND LEAD – in a virtual or virtual organization environment. No different than “being able get on the Internet” in today’s day and age is no longer a “choice” but a “necessity.” 

“Why this sudden surge of interest in a discipline founded over two decades ago?” you might ask.

Well, the answer is very simple. It took the COVID-19 Coronavirus Global Pandemic to bring home the message and prove a point that the founder of VOMI has been sending and making over the past 23 years:

We are all heading in the direction of a World of Virtual Organizations we call, “The New Virtual Organization World,” whether we want to or not :: and that it’s not only if, but when, we will all get there :: and that learning how to organize, operate, adapt and thrive – AND LEAD – in a 100% virtual or virtual organization environment is no longer a luxury but a NECESSITY.

As well, this Global Pandemic has made the Entire Global Community realize that having a ragged bunch of remote workers (employees working from home – and students learning from home – via the internet) is not the temporary silver bullet or magic solution that they anticipated. Well, better late than never!

During that period of time, they all had a chance to see for themselves – and, in many cases, brutally experience some horrors through the school of hard knocks – that “going virtual” and having “flexible” or “remote workers” is definitely “not all that it’s cracked up to be” and that no amount of involvement on social media (e.g., Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram, etc.) or use of certain virtual collaboration and project management tools (Zoom, WebEx, Slack, Google Apps, Office 365, etc.) can ever be a substitute for a real “brick and mortar” organization or formal Virtual Organization Management and Virtual Organization Leadership training.

Thus the reason why they now understand the difference between “remote, virtual,” and “virtual organization” and the real value of having on board Virtual Organization Leaders and Virtual Organization Leadership Executives who can build – and LEAD – dynamic and vibrant “Virtual Organizations” that are strictly staffed by real and bona fide “Virtual Organization Professionals”; and which operate in parallel with their “brick and mortar” counterpart instead of being merely an extension or appendage of the brick and mortar organization – led and managed by a “brick and mortar” executive.

Nonetheless, regardless of the structure of a virtual organization, these organizations are all unanimous when it comes to the need for Virtual Organization Leaders and Virtual Organization Leadership Executives who can organize, manage AND LEAD in a “virtual organization” environment.

On another note, we not only welcome but seek the diversity that results from a faculty and student body which consists of every composition of the human race. As well, we are committed to insuring that our VOM program remains accessible to all deserving students who share a demonstrated eagerness and capacity to adapt and thrive in a virtual organization environment regardless of financial and social status. However, that being said, please note that our selection process is very thoughtful, meticulous, and designed to encourage and reward excellence in our students.

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Financial Aid

Financial Aid

We are deeply committed to insuring that our experiential VOMI designation programs remain accessible to all deserving secondary school and independent students – excluding professionals – who share a demonstrated eagerness and capacity to adapt and thrive in a virtual organization environment regardless of financial status. Since we are the pioneers and founder of the virtual organization management discipline, we are NOT accredited by any current accreditation bodies; nor there exists any such accrediting organization anywhere in the world that is qualified to review our program and curriculum. Thus, you will NOT be eligible to receive any sort of financial aid from any local, state or federal U.S. governmental body (or from any other government in the world).

As well, please note that we have absolutely NO INTENTION whatsoever to seek such accreditation from any existing or future accreditation bodies anywhere in the world – nor would we ever attempt do so.

In fact, VOMI, by virtue of our preeminent status as founder and pioneer of the virtual organization management discipline as well as our prestige in The New Virtual Organization World, is the world’s only de facto virtual organization management accreditation body. In other words, VOMI is the supreme accreditation body and only organization in the world that is qualified to accredit other accreditation bodies and educational institutions who may seek to offer virtual organization management education or training.

Therefore, in order to insure that our alternative education program remains accessible to all qualified individuals anywhere in the world, VOMI fills in the financial gap by offering and guaranteeing financial aid to cover up to 100% of the total cost of tuition for all secondary school and independent students applying for our program at VOMI.

In connection thereof, please note the following:

  • Our financial aid program is strictly reserved to secondary school and independent students between the ages of 18-26; and specifically excludes consultants, business professionals, corporate executives, and government- or corporate-sponsored professionals.
  • Students may apply for financial aid only after they have applied for and received an offer of admission at VOMI.
  • Students (excluding professionals)between the ages of 18-26 whose annual family income ranges between USD $0 – $100,000 are automatically granted a full 2-year tuition scholarship.
  • VOMI has a need-blind candidate selection process. This means that VOMI does not take into consideration your financial situation–nor is VOMI aware of your financial situation–when you apply for admission.
  • VOMI is also a full-need educational institute. This means that, once admitted, students have access to financial aid through scholarships and student loans provided directly by VOMI to cover the full cost of the tuition. VOMI has allocated a total of $5 million each and every year for such financial aid.
  • Financial assistance is based on needs and the financial aid program is designed to insure that students are adequately equipped and able to pursue their studies. Therefore, due to the rigors of the VOM program, students applying for financial aid should not plan on working a full-time job during the duration of the program.
    • As well, students whose annual family income does not exceed USD $100,000 and have been granted a full 2-year scholarship are specifically prohibited from working on either a full-time or part-time basis during the duration of the entire 2-year program.
    • Please note that if you advise us during the application for admission process that you intend to work – or will continue to work – on a full-time basis during any period of your enrollment at VOMI, you will automatically become ineligible for admission at, or receipt of any sort of financial aid from, VOMI.
  • VOMI Financial Aid advisors will work with you directly in order to assist you with your financial needs.

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