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Please note that all of these courses are included in the curriculum for each VOMI Master Designation Program. Therefore, none of these courses are available for registration on an individual or a la carte basis. As well, the lecture portion is offered via Live Videoconference to every single program participant.

Course Title :: LEcture Hours

  1. Universal Virtual Organization Code of Ethics: A Priori Ethics :::: 1-hour
  2. A Global Need for Principled Leadership :::: 3-hour
  3. A Global Need for Principled Leaders :::: 3-hour
  4. A Global Need for Principled Geopolitical Leaders :::: 3-hour
  5. How to Virtual Organize Your Social Network :::: 3-hour
  6. Evolution of Social Networks into Virtual Organizations :::: 1-hour
  7. Virtual Organization 101: What is a Virtual Organization? :::: 1-hour
  8. What is Virtual Organization Management? :::: 1-hour
  9. Virtual Organization Internship 101: Best Practices, Policies and Procedures :::: 1-hour
  10. Virtual Organization Recruitment: Best Practices, Policies and Procedures :::: 6-hour
  11. Virtual Organization Fundamentals :::: 6-hour
  12. Virtual Organization Insourcing & Training :::: 6-hour
  13. From Virtual Chaos to Managing a Virtual Organization :::: 6-hour
  14. Managing the Transition to Strategic VOM Business Partner :::: 6-hour
  15. Managing the Transition to Strategic VOR Business Partner :::: 6-hour
  16. Virtualization of the Workforce: Managing the Transition :::: 3-hour
  17. Virtualization of the Workspace: Making the Right Choice :::: 3-hour
  18. Virtualization Convergence: The Holy Grail :::: 3-hour
  19. Global Dimensions of Virtual Organization Management :::: 6-hour
  20. Global Aspects of Virtual Organization Recruitment :::: 6-hour
  21. Making the Case for a Chief Virtual Organization Architect and Inclusion in the Boardroom :::: 6-hour
  22. Training The VOM Trainer :::: 6-hour
  23. Training The VOR Trainer :::: 6-hour

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