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Virtual Organization Recruitment (VOR) Program

VOR Master Designation Program

Become an agent of change instead of a victim of change.   Lead the transition from Virtual Chaos to Virtual Organization with the following designation for a new generation of human capital consultants, corporate recruiters and trainers, business leaders, c-level executives, and academics:

This is a 2-YEAR Designation Program. It is only offered to both new high school and secondary school graduates and independent students between the ages of 18-26 who DO NOT want to pursue their studies at any traditional and accredited Undergraduate Educational Institution or Vocational School and prefer to focus their studies on the virtual organization management :: virtual organization recruitment discipline in a 100% virtual organization environment.

VOMI offers 100% financing or a full scholarship to all students who meet our entrance requirements for these 2-Year designation programs.

Master virtual organization recruitment trainer (MVORT) Program Details

Master Virtual Organization Recruitment Trainer (MVORT™)

Program Summary:

  • Summary Data:
    • Length of Program: 2-year program
    • Total number of courses: 23
    • Total number of lecture hours: 92 hours
    • Number of experiential projects: 23
    • Total experiential project hours: 743 hours
    • Number of practicums: 8
    • Total number of practicum hours: 48 hours
    • 1-year case study: min of 832 hours
    • Grand total program hours: 1715

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Guaranteed Enrollment Promise:   If you meet our admission requirements, we guarantee your enrollment regardless of credit or income.

Total Program Fees:   USD $33,695 | :: | VOMI offers up to 100% financial aid – based on needs – to both US and international secondary school and independent students between the ages of 18-26 (excluding professionals) regardless of credit, subject to meeting our admission requirements. Students whose annual family income fall within the range of USD $ 0 – 100K will automatically receive a full scholarship for the entire 2-year program.

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