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The following information is designed to make the entire admission process as transparent, smooth and seamless as possible.

  • ADMISSION CRITERIA. It’s important that you know what you are getting into and that you understand what it takes to become part of an elite group of future virtual organization leaders. For the simple reason that our designation program is not for students who merely wish to audit a course or program in order to determine their level of interest. The stakes are too high for the institute as well as for all other students who are truly committed. Proceed to Admission Criteria.
  • ADMISSION POLICIES. We are a paperless and 100% virtual organization education institution. Therefore, the entire admission process will be conducted online via live videoconference and through our virtual organization platform. That means, you will never receive a telephone call from us; you will never be requested to make a telephone call to us; we will never accept a telephone call from you; you will never receive any sort of request to submit anything to us via postal mail; and you will never be invited to meet anyone in person at any physical venue. Thus, it is essential that you review these policies for a frictionless application process. Proceed to Admission Policies.
  • APPLICATION DATES. Pay attention to these crucial dates which include the program application date. Proceed to Application Dates.
  • ADMISSION REQUIREMENTS. Although a great deal of emphasis is placed on the English language, there are other critical requirements which must be fulfilled. Proceed to Admission Requirements.
  • APPLICATION DOCUMENTS. All documents and information we will request from you. Proceed to Application Documents.
  • INTERVIEW PROCESS. Every single candidate is required to participate in an interview via live videoconference. Proceed to Interview Process.
  • APPLY ONLINE. Assemble all documents and information we will request from you prior to filling out your application. Proceed to Apply Online.

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